Veg Oil Collection
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Who we are:
We collect used cooking oil and process it into biodiesel, which can be used in any diesel engine or as a replacement for home heating oil. We offer FREE recycling of clear frying oil only, no creamy shortening or hydrogenated oil. We also do not accept peanut oil.

Serving Bucks and Montgomery counties in Southeast Pennsylvania

Businesses/larger entities:
We will provide collection containers and pickup at NO COST to you, and we put this in writing. We offer reliable service that will not interfere with your business and we promise to keep your area clean. Please contact us at either 267-261-3825 or

Individuals/smaller entities:
Families- please save your used cooking oil in a suitable container preferably the one it came in. Please call us at 267-261-3825 or and we can give you our location in Perkasie PA to drop it off, or alternatively at one of our partners located throughout Bucks & Montgomery counties.

Additional Information
Please only clear soy, canola, or other vegetable oil only. No peanut oil, creamy shortening, or hydrogenated oil. Thanks for your commitment to help us recycle locally!

We also use the glycerin byproduct and make fantastic soap and cleaner, you can find more information or buy it at